Cleveland Cascades in-house Manufacturing & Assembly

Here at Cleveland Cascades Ltd we produce high quality goods with in-house processes for the fabrication, manufacturing and assembly of our chutes and their component parts.


Our fabrication workshop produces bespoke design components using specialist equipment such as punching, bending and welding rigs. Some of our fabrication processes can be seen in the Gallery below.

Cone Manufacturing

As well as fabrication, we also produce our own GRP cones for use with our Cascade and FFC chutes.

Using a mould we Spray the GRP cones to size before trimming, cleaning, polishing and finally lining. the pictures below show the cone spraying booth and lining workshop with cones in the process of being manufactured and lined with UHMWPE.

We also apply lining to many our other manufactured components such as our head chutes and trimmer extensions as seen below in the gallery with a completed ceramic lined trimmer.

Shroud Manufacturing

We have a bespoke manufacturing process for our shroud production which uses a large scale rolling frame and a hot air system for bonding rubber scuff strips to the shroud material securing a steel ring for the sturdiness and form of the shroud

Once each of the sections of shroud are manufactured they are then moved into our assembly workshop where they are finished into a full assembly and finally quality inspected before packing.

Strop/Spill door Manufacturing

We manufacture our strop webbing and spill door covers in-house with specialist tested sewing patterns and varied material tensile strength. Our sewing workshop can be seen in the Gallery below:

Assembly Workshop

Once all of our items have been manufactured they are then quality inspected and where necessary completed as an assembly in our workshop by our trained cascade chute engineers. We also complete torque tightening on all required areas whilst assembling as seen in the gallery below with our engineers working on one of our 1700 carrier assemblies and on the electrical components of one of our 900 size head chutes.

Once we have all items assembled we then complete trial fitting and function testing to ensure a smooth installation process once the chute is on site for the customer/end user.

Packing Workshop

Once testing is completed our on site Joiner then wraps and packs each item securely before collection by freight forwarders. Our packing facility can be seen below:

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