CCL presence in Brazil set to grow

Throughout November CCL has been assembling and preparing a new Cascade chute ready to dispatch shortly to Brazil.

This latest system will be used to load Agri Bulk products, Corn, Soy beans and Soy meal. The Cascade chute is a 1900 size system, the second largest in our present range and is to be used for various rates of loading up to 3,000 metric tonnes per hour with a total chute length of 25 meters.

The chute will be supplied with closed hatch loading chargers, sized for different vessel types and different loading rates. Each of these hatch charger outlets are easily interchanged with one another, as well as with the Skirt outlet for loading open hatch vessels.

CCL’s experience and expertise allowed this custom chute to be presented to the client in order to fulfil their specific requirements.

This system follows up on 2 Cascade chutes delivered to Brazil within this year, as featured in previous news.

Cleveland Cascade Chute Commissioned in Brazil

Once the chute is delivered to site, CCL will look forward to the installation and commissioning in order to deliver excellent results for Port loading operations again within Brazil.  CCL will look to feature the chutes commissioning in future news posts.

For all enquiries relating to Agri Bulk products, or indeed any dry bulk material please contact our team at; or by calling us on the telephone +44 (0) 1642 753260