Cleveland Cascades 2018 Year in Review


Throughout 2018 Cleveland Cascades were involved with 31 new chute projects globally across 16 countries including; USA, Canada, India, Norway, Israel, Nigeria and the U.K among others.

The projects covered applications for ship, silo, stockpile and vehicle loading with the chutes designed for loading a range of products and rates including; Potash, Grains, Cement & Clinker, Alumina, Biomass, Pet Coke, Coal Sulphur and Urea.

Site Services & Commissioning:

Throughout 2018 Cleveland Cascades Engineers supported and supervised the installation and commissioning of systems in Norway, USA, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Brazil, Cyprus and Australia.

Some of our Loading Video’s can be seen on our Youtube channel which can be found from the loading video’s below or at

Below is our Cascade Chute loading Corn in New Orleans, USA. This is featured in our October 2018 news story :

Below is our Cascade Chute loading Nepheline Syenite with the shroud cover down for viewing in Norway, this is featured in our August 2018 news story:

2019 Looking Ahead:

Looking into 2019, Cleveland Cascades currently have 19 systems of various sizes for a range of applications in production. One of the projects currently in production is the supply of 3 of our 1700 size shiploaders to be supplied for a project in Vancouver later in 2019.

Keep up to date on news stories posted over the course of the year which will feature commissioning of some of these projects.

The photo gallery below shows some pictures of some of the chute projects in application on site over the course of 2018.

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