Cleveland Cascades awarded contract to supply Alumina Shiploading Chute to Reel Alesa for Ma’aden Saudi Arabia

Cleveland Cascades have won a contract to supply REEL Alesa with an Alumina ship loading chute for Ma’aden in Saudia Arabia. The chute has been designed to interface with REEL Alesa’s luffing boom conveyor system.

Alumina is a fine, free flowing material which can create dust pollution if loading is uncontrolled, so the Cascade chute is an ideal solution. The controlled descent of the material through the inclined cones of the Cascade system, prevents air separating the particles and largely eliminates dust generation at source.

Alumina is also highly abrasive and requires the cones to be lined with 4mm ceramic tiles to prolong service life. With a 20m chute length, covered by a durable, retractable shroud, the port will load 1,200,000 tonnes of Alumina per annum, using the chute.

The Alumina export terminal in Saudi Arabia is part of Ma’aden’s $10.8 billion joint venture with Alcoa, which will be one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium complex in the world, utilising Saudi Arabia’s significant bauxite reserves.

When installed, this latest chute will join four other Cleveland Cascade chutes already successfully operating for Ma’aden and it will be the 29th Alumina ship loading chute designed & built by Cleveland Cascades.

Photo shows a similar specification Chute loading Alumina
Photo shows a similar specification Chute loading Alumina

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