Cleveland Cascades chute commissioned at Port of Wilmington, North Carolina

Cleveland Cascades recently had an engineer working alongside our client, Bruks Rockwood in the United States of America to oversee the commissioning of one of our latest Cascade chutes. The supplied chute is a 29m long, 1700 sized Cascade chute which has been interfaced with the Bruks Ship loader in order to effectively handle Wood Pellets at rates up to 1500 metric tonnes per hour.

The Ship loader has Traveling, Luffing and Shuttling capabilities, and becomes the 3rd Ship loading system using a Cascade chute from Bruks.  The ship loader and Cascade chute combination will be used for loading of vessels up to Panamax size, loading wood pellets at the Port of Wilmington

The Cascade chute uses an auto raise and auto lower system for pile building, and the ship loaders shuttle and travel functions mean that with these features combined, the pellets can be loaded and distributed effectively inside each hatch to fill the vessel.

The Cascade chutes arrangement means that the pellets are loaded in mass flow, this is the transfer of bulk material as a single mass moving at a low speed, but high volume. The Cascade chute has been proven to be the most effective loading chute for protecting against both dust emissions generation, and degradation of material particles. These two issues were at the forefront of thinking on this project, and resulted in the Cascade chute from Cleveland being selected.

Matthew Barnard (Managing Director) said “It is clear to see from the photos and video footage taken on site, that the chute works effectively to load this potentially very dusty material, in a manner which completely minimises the emissions during loading, whilst simultaneously protecting the pellets from degradation by the chutes soft handling effect. We are pleased with the chutes performance, and have positive feedback from the customer regarding the chutes performance and dust levels”.

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