Cleveland Cascades Engineers Support Alcoa with Commissioning in Brazil.

Cleveland Cascades Engineers recently visited our customer Alumar Consortium of Aluminium of Maranhao based in Sao Luis, Brazil. 

The Cascade chute is one of our 1500 sized systems mounted on a pivotting head chute and luffing boom. The chute is 25m in length when extended and retracts to 6.4m. The Cones are lined with 4mm ceramic tiles for abrasion protection as the system loads Alumina at approximately 2000 tonnes per hour. Images of the chute can be seen in the gallery below. 

The chute is fitted with a speed reducer for material control at the base of the chute and to keep dust to a minimum. The speed reducer can be seen in the the images in the gallery below. 

The recent visit was arranged to assess the current condition of the chute after several years of operation and ensure the successful installation of spare parts and confirm the chute operation is optimal. 

Replacement Strops had recently been fitted prior to our arrival, following a functionality inspection a new shroud was fitted to the speed reducer and the chute was returned to loading operation as seen in the below videos:

Video 1- CC661 Loading Alumina at 1000tph

Video 3 – CC661 Loading Alumina at 1600tph

Video 4 – CC661 Loading Alumina at 1800tph following adjustments. 

The images below show the chute installed on the ship loader.