Cleveland Cascades ensures dust controlled loading for Premier Periclase, Drogheda, Ireland

Premier Periclase’s plant on the River Boyne in Ireland produces high quality sintermagnesia used in the manufacture of refractory. They have a strong commitment to environmental protection and when they recently upgraded their ship loading facility, they chose a Cleveland Cascade, controlled flow chute, fitted to a Telestack TS331 radial telescopic conveyor.

Dust control was a crucial issue for the plant and its neighbours. They needed a solution which could meet both the demanding loading requirements and protect the environment by effectively controlling dust. The Cascade loads material through a series of oppositely inclined cones, which controls the flow at low velocity, yet high volume. The controlled descent of the material prevents air separating the particles and largely eliminates dust generation at source.

The system can load up to 300 tonnes per hour through a chute which can extend from 3.5m in the retracted position, to 8.5m in length in fully extended mode. Sintermagnesia is abrasive, so to ensure a long service life, the mild steel cones are protected with a 4mm ceramic liner.
Engineers from Cleveland Cascades recently visited the project on site, to ensure the optimum installation and operation of the system to the customers’ requirements.

Cleveland Cascades and Telestack have worked together effectively on projects around the world since 2006 and Premier Periclase is the 25th project where a chute from Cleveland Cascades has been installed on a Telestack loading system.


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