Cleveland Cascades Provide Site Services Support in Bunbury, Australia

Cleveland Cascades recently supported with site services assistance for South 32 in Bunbury, Australia to optimise the performance of the Ship Loading chute.

The Cascade chute is one of our 1700 systems with an extended length of 25 meters suspended form a Pivoting head chute. The system includes a remotely mounted drum winch located on the ship loader boom.

The 21 cone system is loading Alumina, the cones are lined with 6mm ceramic tiles for abrasion resistance.

Images of the system and the spare chute can be seen below along with the hatch charger and the ship loader.

The system was inspected thoroughly to ensure all aspects of the chute were set up as desired. Each of the safety an operational limits were checked and adjusted as necessary and the deflectors were re-positioned for optimal loading performance.

Following the inspection some of the ageing wearing parts were replaced for new ones and then tested for fit and performance.

The cone angles within the speed reducer were adjusted to better control the material, the speed reducer can be seen in the Gallery below with the shroud both up and down.

This system also has a Resitain Ralve fitted to the bottom of the Carrier as seen in the Gallery below. The function of the Resitain Valve is to prevent the spillage of residual material following the belts being stooped and loading being completed. The valve would be closed upon completion of loading prior to the chute being removed from the ship’s hold.

Upon completion of initial inspections and adjustments the chute was returned to service and various loading rates were witnessed. Below the chute can be seen loading Alumina at approximately 1000 tonnes per hour.