Cleveland Cascades & Siwertell Supply a Grain Loading Solution To Port of Newcastle, Australia.

Cleveland Cascades & Siwertell combined forces to provide the optimum Grain Loading solution for the Port of Newcastle, Australia. Siwertell, the Swedish specialist in dry bulk handling systems, designed a telsecoping shuttle boom conveyor which needed a loading chute to effectively control dust emissions and minimise material degradation. Having worked together on many projects together, Siwertell, part of the Cargotech group, are familiar with Cleveland Cascades specialist expertise in this field.

The Cascade system of inclined cones limits the material flow velocity to a controlled speed. The shape of the cone holds the grain to prevent particulate separation and minimises material degradation. The significantly reduced product velocity creates a “mass flow” of material moving as a single mass through the chute, onto the stockpile, practically eliminating dust at source.

The system supplied to the Port of Newcastle, Australia has a capacity of 2,800 cubic meters per hour, through a 31-meter long chute. It has auto raise-lower capability and is fitted with a fixed head chute and upper deflector in order to interface with the Siwertell shuttle boom conveyer.

To effectively handle grain, the GRP cones are lined with UHMW PE liner and electrical components which come in to contact with the material, are certified to ATEX zone 21 standard. Two interchangeable options were supplied for the outlet. A standard skirted arrangement and a trimmer spout, which extends to 1.5m from the chute and helps ensure maximum utilisation of the ships hold space.

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