Cleveland Hatch Charger in operation in Bunbury, Australia

Hot commissioning of a Cascade System with an integrated hatch charger system has taken place in Bunbury, Australia.

The chute was manufactured and supplied in 2013 for Trinkor PTY on behalf of BHP Billiton / Worsley Alumina PTY Ltd, and is used to load Alumina fines at rates of up to 2,000 tonnes per hour.

At an extended length of 10 metres, the system is one of the smaller Cascades supplied, yet the utilisation of the hatch charger allows for the effective loading of closed hatched on vessels.

The hatch charger system has been developed by Cleveland Cascades Ltd to overcome the issues of loading free-flowing materials such as alumina into closed hatches, also known as “cement holes”. The system is also beneficial as it allows for loading to continue in wet weather conditions when materials are susceptible to moisture. The hatch charger system accommodates the ships movement caused during loading and tide movements in order for loading to continue safely and uninterrupted.