Cleveland Wins Telestack Orders

Cleveland Cascades have been successful in winning two recent orders from Telestack Ltd based in Northern Ireland.

The latest of the two orders is a Shiploader to load Coke & Coal in Colombia at rates of up to 1500 cubic metres per hour, and is to be delivered to Telestack within this year.

At 16.5 metres fully extended, the chute will retract to 5.5 metres, and is equipped with a Trimmer outlet for detailed loading of hard-to-reach areas of the ships hatches. Electrically, the chute is equipped with various safety components to ensure efficient, continued and safe operation.

Another recent project is for a smaller Shiploader to load Sintered Magnesium in Drogheda, Ireland. The system is designed to load at rates of up to 300 tonnes per hour and will be delivered to Telestack next month.

These two projects bring the total number of system delivered by Cleveland to Telestack to 25, with the first system delivered in 2006. This impressive number is something which is set to rise and rise over the coming years, as Cleveland looks to further strengthen and prolong a great working relationship with Telestack Ltd.

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