Cold-Commissioning of Bruks Rockwood Shiploader Complete

Cleveland Cascades were recently invited to Louisiana in order to carry out the cold-commissioning on the latest system provided to Bruks Rockwood.

The ship loading Cascade Chute will be used to load Wood Pellets at rates of up to 1200 tonnes per hour in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana, USA. The system utilises a rotating and actuating Trimmer outlet to achieve detailed loading and angle variation when completing the filling of hatches.

At 29.6 metres in extended length, the Chute is one of the larger that Cleveland has provided, retracting to 8.2 metres to allow clearance. The system is lined in UHMW Polyethylene which has low friction properties to provide good wear resistance and promote effective product flow through the Chute.

The hot-commissioning phase of the project is due to begin early in 2015, at which point Chute will be fully operational.

chute complete and loader

chute and boom