Product Support

The package offered by Cleveland Cascades goes well beyond simply designing and manufacturing the loading chute. The comprehensive Product Support package continues throughout the chute’s operating life, wherever in the world it is installed.


Site Services

Commissioning engineers can visit site to help install and optimise the operation of the chute according to customer needs.

We strongly recommend that installation and commissioning by Cleveland Cascades’ factory trained engineers is included as part of the Supply Agreement, to protect the investment and to ensure its optimum operation.

Our experience shows that commissioning is no time to make short cuts. Any savings made by not including it in the Supply Agreement can be lost many times over by potential incorrect set up and sub-optimal loading. This can lead not only to reduced efficiency, but even damage or increased parts usage and maintenance costs.

Overloading and Under loading are common out comes when the chute is incorrectly set up during installation and both can lead to significant problems and losses for the operator. Overloading can lead to material spills, which can damage the cones & shroud cover and result in airborne dust. Under filling the chute can allow material to flow too fast and may not only create dust & degrade the material, but worse, it can cause oscillation of the chute leading to premature parts wear.

The commissioning process ensures the required checks and adjustments are performed correctly to adjust the set up and optimise the system. It will typically include the following activities.

  • Supervision assistance of the unpacking and assembly of the Cleveland Cascade chute on site.
  • Supervision assistance of the installation and inter face to the existing loading system on site.
  • Cold commissioning of the system to include full function testing of all mechanical & electrical systems, prior to load operations.
  • Hot commissioning of the system to include full function testing of all mechanical & electrical systems, under load using the dry bulk material it was designed to work with in a live test situation. The chute will be loaded at nominal rate allowing sufficient capacity to handle periodic surges in the load rate. By setting this threshold it will ensure the optimum performance at all load rates in the allowed range. Performing this element of the installation is critical to the smooth operation of the chute in the short and the long term. It protects the investment by ensuring the longevity of the system and ensures a good return on investment by setting the optimum performance level.
  • Operator training to include the safe and efficient operation, maintenance and cleaning of the system.

Our factory trained engineers are experienced working in dry bulk applications across the globe from Europe to the Middle East, in North or South America or from Africa to Asia & Australia. Our engineers carry site safety passports, and hold the latest qualifications including CompEx Ex01 – Ex06 for handling potentially explosive products.

For further details please contact:

Shane Barnes
Tel: 0044 (0)1642 753260

Manuals & Documentation

support-manual-coverManuals are detailed & comprehensive to give operators the information they need to maintain the product and maximise its operational safety & efficiency.

We pride ourselves on the high quality and comprehensive nature of our manuals and believe we are one of the best in the industry in this respect.

The Product Manual comes standard as part of the supply agreement and includes the following.

  • Safety Instructions
  • Detailed description of each sub assembly or element of the chute, such as Head Chute, Winch Assembly, Cones and Carrier Assembly.
  • Procedures covering Installation, Commissioning, Loading, Maintenance, Cleaning, Control Requirements and Fault Finding.
  • A full parts list / bill of material of every component which the chute is assembled from.
  • Full set of drawings of all structures as well as mechanical & electrical sub-assemblies.
  • Declaration of Incorporation, according to Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC).

Original Spare Parts


Cleveland Cascades Chutes have been developed using a design that is simple robust and easy to maintain. But even the toughest system requires periodic maintenance and replacement of some parts.

To complete the support package, we offer original OEM spare parts to protect the longevity of the system and to ensure it continues to operate efficiently throughout its life time.

Parts can be supplied with the original chute order and taken in to stock by the operator. This ensures parts are on site to support the planned maintenance schedule and avoid any potential downtime. We recommend that each system is supplied with a supporting package of parts suitable for 2 years. The exact parts we recommend will depend precisely on the application in question.

In addition, we offer comprehensive Spare Parts support during the life time of the chute. Each one of our chutes is a designated project and we retain detailed drawings and full technical specifications of every system we have supplied anywhere in the world.

To enable us to identify your existing system, please quote the 6-digit serial number which can be obtained from the Chute Identification Plate, (see attached photograph) and contact us for a quote.

We hold stock of a limited range of fast moving spares parts, especially electrical items. Most parts such as strops, shrouds and cones are made to order in our production facility.

For further details please contact:

Shane Barnes
Tel: 0044 (0)1642 753260

Dust Emissions Evaluation

Dust control is the key design feature of the Cascade system which largely eliminates dust creation at source during loading. Consequently, the company has considerable expertise in the field of Dust Emissions.

The Cleveland Cascades Dust Emissions Evaluation has been developed to accurately measure the dust emissions generated by loading operations using the Cleveland Cascade, controlled flow technology chute.

The procedure was developed in conjunction with UKAS accredited environmental consultants and HSE guidelines to ensure that the most accurate testing methods and health and safety standards were adhered to.

The test consists of sampling the loading area prior to, and during loading with the Cascade system to give an accurate evaluation of the systems performance in terms of dust emissions into the atmosphere.

The level of dust emissions using the Cascade chute can now be guaranteed.

For further details please contact:

Matthew Barnard
Commercial Director
Cleveland Cascades Ltd

Tel: 0044 (0)1642 753260
Fax: 0044 (0)1642 753270