Cascade Shiploader Commissioned at Derince Port, Turkey

In December, commissioning was carried out on a Cascade Shiploader sold to Iskar Muhendislik Ltd in 2013. The Chute, at 18 metres in extended length, is used to load Grain at rates of up to 1200 tonnes per hour and has the option of interchanging from a standard skirted outlet to a trimmer outlet when detailed loading is required to fill the hatch of the ships.

As grain is a potentially explosive product, all the electrical components deemed in contact with the product had to be provided in compliance with Atex Zone 21 (Dust).

The system is our 1500S system, and has a pivoting head chute inlet to suit the luffing of the Shiploader boom. Surrounding the head chute and hoist unit is a walkway to provide easy access for maintenance and safety checks etc. The running faces of the cones are lined with UHMW Polyethylene to provide abrasion resistance. The liners are also low friction, and aid the flow of the material through the chute.

The video below shows the system operating at full capacity, and the dust control as the material leaves the chute is very impressive as there is no extraction used.

turkey 767