Cascade Shiploader Commissioned in Long Beach, California

Cleveland Cascades Engineers were recently invited to Long Beach, California by Metroports to carry out commissioning on their Cascade Shiploader.

The chute was designed to interface with the existing upper head chute section as it is interchangeable with an existing system at site that loads Coke.

At 23.5 metres in extended length, the chute is used to load Prilled Sulphur at rates of 1,500 to 2,000 tonnes per hour, with the capacity to load 2,500 tonnes per hour in the future. The chute retracts to a compact 6.5m for stowing.

The product is deemed potentially explosive, and therefore all components inside the chute in contact with the material have been provided in compliance with the American Class II Div 1 Group G Specification.
The photographs and video below show the system loading following successful commissioning.