Cleveland Awarded Sherwin Alumina Order From Siwertell AB

Cleveland Cascades have been awarded the order from Siwertell AB for a Cascade Ship loading Chute for operation in USA.

The system, which will go into service in Texas, is the latest of many projects between the two companies as Cleveland looks to strengthen and maintain its successful working relationship with Siwertell.

The Chute is to be fitted to a luffing boom with air slide conveyor, and will load Alumina at rates of over 1,000 tonnes per hour maximum. Alumina is one of the most problematic materials when loaded due to its fine particles; however the Cascade System has proven to be extremely effective in handling the product. In order to effectively handle the Alumina, the chute is equipped with a Speed Reducer which controls the speed of the material before exiting the Chute to ensure a dust-free delivery into the vessel hold. In order to eradicate excess material and dust escaping during hatch change-overs, the chute is also equipped with a Resitain Valve; a trap-door like assembly positioned at the base of the chute above the skirted outlet.

At 33 metres fully extended, the chute retracts to around 10.5 metres. As Alumina is an extremely abrasive product, the running faces of the chute are lined with ceramic tiles to combat the abrasion caused by the product. The cone support strops are also made with tougher Polyurethane webbing to stop the alumina prematurely wearing the strops. Electrically, the chute is equipped with various safety components to ensure efficient, continued and safe operation. These components are provided compliant to IP65 specification, with the motors compliant to NEMA.

The system is to be designed, manufactured, and assembled by March 2016. The below model image gives a representation of the loader with chute attached.


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