Cleveland Cascades 2017 Year In Review


Over the course of last year, 2017 Cleveland Cascades were involved with 26 new Chute projects across 13 countries for applications including ship loading, road wagon & road tanker loading, silo & storage loading as well as open stock pile loading. These projects spanned 4 continents and  13 countries including The USA, Spain, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey and the UK among others.

As usual Cleveland Cascades chutes are used for handling a wide range of bulk materials, with our 2017 systems handling; aggregates and building products such as Cement, Clinker, Limestone and Gypsum, Solid Fuels such as Coal and Coke as well as products such as Potash, Soda Ash, Iron Ore, Sulpher, salt and grains.

Site Services & Commissioning:

In 2017 Cleveland Cascades Engineers supervised the installation and commissioning works of chutes in Turkey, Canada, USA, Kuwait, Indonesia, Ireland, Brazil & the UK. Some of our  videos taken during commissioning of chutes can be seen on our YouTube channel and news stories posted over the course of the year.

Below is our Cascade chute loading Clinker in Turkey, November 2017. This is featured on the December 2017 news story.

2018 Looking Ahead:

Looking ahead into 2018 Cleveland Cascades already have 14 chutes of various sizes and application uses on order and in progress. A highlight of these are 3 chutes for our client Bedeschi to be delivered to Barcelona, with the assembly almost at completion stage as pictured in red paint finish in the Gallery below in our Teesside Premises assembly workshop.

We also have projects reaching completion with will be used for loading Soda Ash in L.A. USA and Another which will be loading Clinker in Cyprus. We are also working on three identical chutes loading Grain out of New Orleans, USA and a new Polyhalite loading chute for the UK.

Keep and eye on news stories posted over the course of the year which will feature commissioning of these projects.

The photo gallery below shows some pictures of Cleveland Cascade’s facility and some of the chute projects during assembly and in application on site over the course of the year.

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