Cleveland Cascades 2020 Year in Review

During 2020 Cleveland Cascades were Involved with 17 new Chute Projects globally across 10 different countries including; Canada, Nigeria, USA, Chile, Russia, Cuba, Taiwan, Brazil, Israel and Turkey as well as servicing our many customers on our existing systems.

The New projects for 2020 were focused on applications for Ship and Stockpile loading designed for handling a range of products including: Potash, Urea, Salt, Soy Bean, Meal, Corn, Biomass, Coal, Pet Coke, Clinker and Cement.

Some of the systems from 2019 were also commissioned for service, images of our CC937 system designed for loading iron ore pellets can be seen in the Gallery below along with images of some of the systems supplied throughout 2020.

Several of our systems are due to be installed and commissioned and will feature in the coming months news stories.

For any details regarding our products please contact: for any system related matters or for anything regarding spare parts.