Cleveland Cascades begins commissioning in Spain

Cleveland Cascades Engineers have been overseeing one of our latest chutes being assembled and installed in Spain. Working together on a new project with CHIA, of Spain, a Cascade chute for Clinker handling is being installed onto a Mobile Ship Loader at Malaga Port.

Hot commissioning is ongoing, and CCL will look to feature some footage of loading with a follow up news story.

The initial vessel loading shows why the Cascade chute was selected for the project.  To ensure clean loading without significant dust emissions, which were previously an environmental issue for Malaga Port.

The system is featured on the Spanish Ports website, link below;

The chute provided is our 1100s Chute size, with a length of 20.5 meters in total. The chute will be used to load Clinker into vessels at rates from 650 to 800 metric tonnes per hour.

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