Cleveland Cascades Commission Cascade System in the Port of Motril, Spain

Cleveland Cascades Commissioning Engineers have recently supported our valued customer CHIA with the installation and hot commissioning of a cascade chute loading Iron Ore at the Port of Motril, Granada, Spain


The loading chute is 20 meters in length at full extension and can retract to approximately 6 meters for stowing. The chute’s design is supplied with a pivoting type head chute in order to work in conjunction with our customers mobile ship loading machine with luffing boom.


The chute is one of our 900 size systems and has the capacity to load up to 400 cubic meters of Iron Ore per hour from the mobile loader conveyor system. The head chute, deflectors and cones are lined with ceramic tiles for unbeatable abrasion resistance.


The cascade chute is fitted with a comprehensive suite of electrical components for safe operation and control, with automated chute control whilst loading each material pile and providing signalling for any potential blockages. The safety systems provide feedback to the control system for the ship loader with safety limits being interlocked with the conveyor system feeding the chute.

Our engineers found some challenges during the hot commissioning phase, as they had to deal with material with a higher moisture content than expected. Using their in-depth knowledge of our systems and of loading process in general, they were able to tweak the system set-up to cater for this scenario without compromising performance. This is a good example of the value of having Cleveland Cascades trained personnel on-site for install and commissioning of our chutes.


The chute can be seen in the gallery and video’s below loading during the recently completed commissioning works.



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