Cleveland Cascades Commission CC890 Cascade Chute Loading Petcoke in La Coruna

In February Cleveland Cascades Engineers supervised the commissioning of one of our Cascade chutes in La Coruna, Spain. The system was provided to load Petcoke between 200-600 tonnes per hour from a mobile ship loader with a view to minimising dust emissions which had previously been a problem for the port.

The Cascade chute provided is one of our 1100 sized systems with an length of 16m from the head chute interface to the base of the skirt outlet. The cascade system uses a pivoting head chute which works in conjunction with the end user’s luffing mobile ship loader boom and must effectively control material during loading throughout a range of boom angles.

At the base of the Cascade Chute a skirted outlet is used for the most effective dust control as a material pile is formed. As there can be movement with the ship during loading the material detection system and tilt switches offer support in activation of the auto-raise function for continuous loading.

The video below demonstrates the entire loading process from material feed via a truck reception hopper on the mobile ship loader. The product is then delivered from the shiploader to the cascade chute which controls material flow and deposits into the hold of the ship at an average of 400 tonnes per hour whilst maintaining effective dust control. The picture gallery also displays the chute in its completed state with both the shroud down and then up during loading.

The video below gives a close look at the chute loading at an average of 400tph in the hold of the vessel.