Cleveland Cascades Commission Clinker Loading Chute in Gijon, Spain

Cleveland Cascades Engineers have recently commissioned one of our Clinker loading chutes in Gijon, Spain.

The 20-meter Cascade chute is one of our 1100 sized systems and is suspended from a mobile ship loader developed by our customer Telestack.

The chute is commissioned to handle clinker at rates up to 1000 tonnes per hour.

The running faces of the chute’s deflectors and Cascade cones are lined with 6mm ceramic tiles for abrasion resistance.

The system is fitted with a a complete set of electrical components to provide safe and efficient operation and control, signalling for any blockages and automation for effective loading. All of the functions are set to provide feedback to the ship loader’s control system with all safety limits being interlocked with the conveyor system feeding the chute.

Further images and loading footage are to follow……