Cleveland Cascades Undertake Commissioning in Stjernoya, Norway

Cleveland Cascades Engineers have recently commissioned our CC903 1100 size system loading two types of Nepheline Syenite material. The system is designed to load Spectrum N-45 (a fine soft powder) and Matrix 350-364 (coarse sand-like texture) at rates of 300 to 800 metric tonnes per hour.

The 1100 chute has a capacity to load up to 1000 cubic meters per hour and is fitted to a luffing and slewing ship loader. The chute has the function to pivot and fold under the boom for stowing. This stowing function can be seen in the video below:

The chute is 18 meters in length from the head chute interface to the base of the skirt outlet. The chute’s movement for extension and retraction is controlled by a locally mounted Spool Winch with a secondary winch fitted with a travel function for stowing of the chute beneath the boom.

The head chute and deflectors are lined with 4mm ceramic tiles and the GRP cones are lined with 8mm UMHWPE liners for abrasion protection.

During commissioning Cleveland Cascades Engineers were able to witness loading of the Matrix Material. The videos blow demonstrate the material being loaded at 500, 550 and 600 tonnes per hour with the shroud down.

CC903 Loading Matrix at 500tph

CC903 Loading Matrix at 600tph

CC903 Loading Matrix at 650tph

The Gallery below provides images of the chute installed to the Boom both in the retracted and extended state and with the shroud cover down for viewing of loading. The Stowing winch can also be seen installed to the boom.