Cleveland Cascades Commissions latest Cascade chute in Israel

Cleveland Cascades has recently overseen the installation and commissioning of a Cascade chute in Israel.

The chute is an 18m long system with a speed reducer outlet to offer the best possible results in terms of minimized dust emissions. The chute will be used to load Phosphates and Potash at rates of up to 1,600 metric tonnes per hour.

The speed reducer is a fixed Cascade arrangement at the base of the chute.  This ensures material always exits the chute under full control, regardless of the chutes retracted position. Speed reducers are only required in certain circumstances, and CCL can advise on this based on individual applications.

By employing CCL for on site services, our clients can be assured that their new Cascade loading chute is installed correctly and set up for optimal performance. In addition to installation and commissioning, CCL’s trained site engineers can also provide training for operations and maintenance to ensure the system will continue to perform over its long term service life.

For further information on Cleveland Cascades’ loading chute range or on site services available, please contact us on +44 1642 753260 or