Cleveland Cascades Complete Refurbishment Works For Phillips 66 – Immingham

Cleveland Cascades Ltd. commissioning engineers have recently returned from Immingham where they were assisting one of our long standing customers, Phillips 66.

Acting alongside the planned maintenance shutdown team of Phillips 66, the scope of work was to supervise and oversee the installation of a spare parts package that was supplied earlier in the year.

All components were successfully fitted to the Cascade system which has the capacity to load petroleum coke at rates of up to 620 tonnes per hour. Included in the gallery below are images from site displaying the newly installed parts, the system is looking almost brand new!

Following the spare parts installation, cold commissioning checks and function testing of the electrical components was to be performed. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen issues with the ship loader boom ropes this work couldn’t be completed.

Once rectified, Cleveland Cascades hope to return for another visit in order to verify the system setup and witness the loading procedure adopted by Phillips 66 operatives, advising on any potential methods to be employed in order to achieve optimal system performance.

Allowing Cleveland Cascades trained personnel to complete the commissioning procedure is invaluable and the results speak for themselves. Doing so ensures that the systems potential is fully realised and that dust emissions from loading operations are drastically reduced, a further benefit is that material degradation is minimal due to the mass flow generated by the cones resulting in a quality product for shipping.

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Images of the work and the newly refurbished system can be seen below in the Gallery.