Cleveland Cascades Complete Retro-Fit Upgrade work in Port Moody – Canada

Cleveland Cascades supplied two new Resitain valves to be retro-fit to the two existing potash loading chutes located in Port Moody, Vancouver, Canada.

A Cleveland Cascades Engineer supported with the installation and commissioning of the New Resitain Valves in Early March 2020.

The Resitain valve is fitted on the base of the carrier and is designed to close the exit of the Cascade Chute when the loading operation has been completed.

A motor driven actuator operates two ‘trap doors’. The doors hang vertical when the valve
is open and swing together and seal the exit when closed.

A set of pre-adjusted limits are fitted and tested by Cleveland Cascades during the assembly
of the Units and then commissioned on site. These limits will be set at the fully open and fully closed positions.

An image of the Resitain valve installed can be seen below. This was mimicked for both chutes.

Along with the installation of the Resitain valves, the chutes were also fitted with Catenary cables for supplying power to the base of the chute to operate the Valves, Material Detection probes and tilt switches. These can be seen in yellow in the gallery images below.