Cleveland Cascades Deliver Coal Handling Free Fall “T” Series Chute To Latvia

The Latvian Port of Riga will shortly take delivery of a Cleveland Cascades “T” series coal loading chute, which will be installed to load bulk vessels at their new coal terminal complex. The chute is the fourth in a series of successful projects between Cleveland Cascades and SIA NK Tehnologija.

The chute is designed to be robust over a long operating life and with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes per hour, through a 12-meter chute, the system will load three million tonnes of coal per annum.

The chute is fitted with a pivoting head chute in order to interface with the on-site luffing boom conveyer. To cope with the very demanding loading environment the free fall tube design is constructed from 6mm hardened, wear resistant steel and lined with ceramic tiles.

At the base of the chute there is a rotating and actuating trimmer spout which enables accurate positioning of the load within the ships hold and helps ensure maximum utilisation of the hold space available. When the trimmer is not required for loading, an actuator is fitted to pull it out of the material flow for standard loading.

The system will be cold & hot commissioned using Cleveland Cascades engineers who will help install and optimise the operation of the chute according to the customer’s needs.

The Gallery show various components of the chute in our workshop prior to shipment.

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