Cleveland Cascades Deliver Iron Ore Loading Chute For Operation in Finland

Cleveland Cascades have recently completed and shipped the build of an Iron Ore Loading Chute for operation in Finland. The chute is designed to fit to a Telestack mobile loading conveyor, and it has recently been installed on their loader in Northern Ireland.

The 12m long chute will load up to1,500 tonnes per hour of Iron Ore through a galvanised fixed head chute and a cone carrier fitted with a 1 metre length skirted outlet. Due to the abrasive nature of the material, the Head Chute and Free Fall cones have been lined with Ceramic Tiles.

The loader will sometimes be used without the Free Fall Chute installed, therefore CCL have designed and manufactured a support/maintenance stand with the chute for safe storage and easy maintenance access.

The photographs below shows the Chute in our workshop and also in Telestack’s yard prior to being attached to their Loader. For more information, please visit

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