Cleveland Cascades Engineers complete commissioning of CC892 in Itaqui Port – Brazil

During March, Cleveland Cascades commissioning Engineers completed the commissioning of a 1900 size ship loading chute for their customer VLI located in Itaqui Port, Brazil.

The CC892 Ship Loading Chute is fitted to a pivoting head chute and is 25 meters long, designed to load grain at rates of up to 3000 metric tonnes per hour.

The Cascade Chute is fitted with a complete configuration of electrical components designedto ensure safe operation and control. These components control the lowering and raising of the chute as well as providing signalling for any potential blockages. All of the functions feedback to the control system for the ship loader and have interlocks set with the conveyor system feeding the chute.

An interchangeable 600mm hatch charger was also installed and commissioned whilst loading grains. This allows for continuous loading in wet weather conditions with the hatch of the vessel closed. Further 400mm and 700mm hatch chargers were supplied along with this chute for use with varied hatch apertures.

Pictures of the chute along with the hatch charger’s commissioning can be seen in the Gallery.

The installation of the chute along with the interchangeable hatch chargers provides a versatile, safe and reliable loading system for the port which is very simple to use.
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