Cleveland Cascades global presence continues, with new installations in Brazil, United States of America, Canada and Russia.

December has been an exceptionally busy month and a great end to the year, with 4 systems completed and dispatched to new clients. A summary of December installations includes:

Via our customer ADM, the Brazilian port of Santos have taken delivery of a 30-meter Cascade ship loading chute, loading up to 2,000 tons per hour of Soybean and corn. Installation is provisionally scheduled early in 2017 by our engineers.

Through Kaman, a 20-meter Cascade ship loading chute has been dispatched to California (USA), to handle Boric acid and Borax at a rate 1050 tons per hour. Installation is expected to be in January 2017.

Via our customer PCT, Port Moody in Canada have taken delivery of two 27-meter 1900s Cascade ship loaders. The chutes are designed to convey Potash at a rate of 5,000 tons per hour, and were supplied with two spouts to cover the different grades of Potash.

Working with Vigan at the Russian port of Ust-Luga, we will be installing a 25-meter Cascade stock pile loading chute, to handle sulphur and fertilisers at a rate of 1650 tons per hour.

Looking back on the year (2016), Cleveland Cascades are thrilled with the year’s performance, which has been built on delivering 26 chutes to 17 countries, on 5 continents around the world.

Matthew Barnard (Managing Director) says “2017 is set for a great start, with 10 confirmed chutes ordered, and a number of solid prospects in the pipeline, along with several services contracts organised for commissioning”.

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