Cleveland Cascades Ltd to Supply Wood Pellet’s Loading System to Longview, USA.

Working with our valued customer Thor, Cleveland Cascades are presently working on the design and manufacture of a Cascade Chute System to be installed in Longview USA.

The system will be one of our 1900 sized, capable of loading up to 4000 m³/hr but designed in this case to load Wood Pellets at 2,000 metric tonnes/hour.

Designed for the purpose of Ship Loading, this system will be suspended from our Pivoting Head Chute interfaced with the Thor luffing Ship loader. The chute will extend to just over 22 meters and be capable of retracting to 8.2m .

The system position will be adjusted by a head chute mounted spool-type winch, along with all of the typical safety controls our systems are generally fitted with for safety and automation, controlled through the PLC.

The system will also include suitable wear lining and measures for static dissipation since the operation will be within a hazardous area.

Each of our systems include load monitoring, downward motion and material detection sensors as well as positioning and slack rope monitoring.

The outlet of the chute will feature a 1.2m skirt consisting of a series of rubber leaf and a canvas cover for dust suppression.

Some of our early design images can be seen below in the gallery.

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