Cleveland Cascades prepares to supply new Cascade chute to Murmansk

Cleveland Cascades is currently performing the final assembly testing and packaging of its latest Cascade chute to be dispatched.

CC912 will soon be delivered and is heading to Murmansk Sea Port, Russia.

The chute is set to replace Cascade chute CC136 on site, which has been operating since 1996. The new chute will continue to load Apatite, a Phosphate fertilizer at rates of up to 1200 metric tonnes per hour. The new chute is a modernised version of the original concept, to our latest design.

To combat cold temperatures in Murmansk, the winch system features a gearbox oil heater.  Other electrical components and cables have been specially selected for their cold temperature endurance.

The chute is set to be installed and replace the original Cascade chute in Summer, we hope to show the commissioning and the chute in action loading a vessel on a future news story.

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