Cleveland Cascades Spare & Replacement Parts

Cleveland Cascades Supply Spare and Replacement parts to our customers around the world on a regular basis. Typically the majority of this supply is for wearing parts such as liners installed on running faces of cones and deflectors, cones, skirt canvas, spill doors, shroud sections and the cone support strops.

We also supply the replacement electrical components such as the material detection probes, limit switches, cable reeling drums, motors and brake components.

We recommend that our customers keep an inventory of both wearing and strategic spare parts in the event there are any parts needed urgently.

All items can be kept for long periods of time with little concern of degradation in storage and can be ready as they are required.


Further to the spare parts we also supply retro-fit items for our systems where there has been an additional need identified by our customer. This may be the requirement for closed hatch loading to allow for loading in inclement weather, the need for trimming off vessels and to allow for material throw into vessels where the boom is unable to extend sufficiently or for the further reduction of material loss and dust pollution whilst moving the chute during non-use.

For closed hatch loading we offer a Hatch Charger outlet. The hatch charger is supplied to be installed in place of the skirt outlet and can also be supplied with a quick-release collar for swift changeover and use during inclement weather conditions.

The charger has a telescopic action to allow for movement of the vessel during loading
of up to 500mm. The charger can be fitted with an actuator to allow for positional change via feedback to the PLC during loading. The units can be supplied either as a painted, galvanised or stainless steel finish. Several of these units can be seen installed on some of our systems in the Gallery below.


The standard trimming spout is an extension to the lower carrier assembly of which has 360° rotation. It allows limited loading of material beyond the range of the boom / bridge travel. It also allows directional loading for inaccessible storage areas.
The trimming spout rotates on a bearing fitted between the carrier frame and the rotating bobbin. It is driven by a geared motor fitted onto the carrier frame. The motor allows the trimming spout to be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise from the operator’s controls.

Trimmers which have a slewing ring are also fitted with an Auto lubrication system.

Footage of our system loading coal using a trimming spout can be seen in the video below and images of a variety of our trimming spouts can be seen in the Gallery below.


To allow for the closing of the chute’s exit we offer our Resitain Valve which is fitted on the base of the carrier or speed reducer and is designed to close when loading operation is completed and prevents any residual material from exiting the chute.

A motor-driven actuator operates two trap doors which, when the valve is open hang vertical to allow material flow and seal the exit when closed.

A set of pre-adjusted limits are fitted and tested during installation along with interlocks to prevent the feed of material whist the valve is closed.

Images of the resitain valve can be seen in the gallery below.


Further details of all of our products can be found on our webpage:


We also offer our Cascade Engineers services for installation and commissioning supervision, inspections and support with retro-fit items or training for operators.

If you would like to enquire about services or any spare parts for an existing system or upcoming project please contact our team below for further details.