Cleveland Cascades Supply 2 Identical Chutes to Nigeria.

Cleveland Cascades have recently dispatched 2 x systems for Ship Loading in Nigeria.

The two identical chutes are our 1300 Sized systems and are 18 meters in length when extended with retraction down to 6.6m.

The systems are designed to handle Urea of rates from 600 to 1,000 metric tonnes per hour.

The 1300 systems are supplied with a pivoting head chute design for use with a luffing boom ship loader. The head chute assembly can be seen in the images in the Gallery below.

The running faces of the cones in the system are lined with UHMW PE for abrasion resistance.

These systems are also supplied with both a skirt and a trimming spout with a 1.5m outreach from the chute centre line. The trimming Spout can be seen in the images in the Gallery Below.


The System can be seen in the Gallery below during the final stage of the Assembly prior to dispatch to our customer.