Cleveland Cascades to supply Cascade Vehicle Loading Chutes to Montana, U.S.A

Cleveland Cascades recently gained an order in partnership with CRH US to supply 3 Cascade Vehicle Loading chutes to the Montana region.


CRH US brief was that they required 3 Cascade Vehicle Loading chutes, and above all, it was also important that loading had to be as dust free as possible hence the choice of Cleveland’s incomparable Cascade chute.


The supplied chutes are 4.75m long, which has been interfaced to effectively handle Clinker at rates of up to 390 metric tonnes per hour. The cones have been lined with ceramic to handle the abrasiveness of the material, along with a special adhesive to deal with the varying temperatures of the clinker. Electric slide valves have also been requested to assist in the control of the material.


The unique Cascade chute arrangement, means that the clinker which in itself is an extremely dusty but abrasive material could then be loaded in mass flow, this is the transfer of bulk material as a single mass moving at a low speed, but high volume. The Cascade chute has been proven to be the most effective loading chute for protecting against both dust emissions generation, and degradation of material particles. These two issues were at the forefront of thinking on this project, and resulted in the Cascade chute from Cleveland being chosen.


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