Cleveland Cascades supply loading solution to Algeria for a cement clinker application

Working in conjunction with SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd., Cleveland Cascades were selected to provide a loading solution with the objective to reduce dust emissions generated whilst loading cement clinker at Port of Djen Djen, Algeria.

It is widely known in the industry that the bulk material cement clinker is inherently dusty. The dust emissions generated are undesirable and can lead to issues with local port authorities. Cleveland Cascades loading systems combat dust generation at source through the mass flow concept, minimising dust emissions and material degradation.

The system which was designed and supplied utilises Cleveland Cascades 1150 sized cones which are capable of loading at volumetric throughput rates of up to 1000m3/hr. For the given application, the nominal material feed rate is 1,000tph with a surge feed rate of up to 1,200tph. The density of the cement clinker is 1.4t/m3 and therefore we can calculate the max. required volumetric throughput to be 857m3/hr. The additional capacity available within the cones will account for any spikes in the material feed rate removing any concerns of spillage within the system that would lead to free falling material generating dust upon impact.

With an extended length of 22.0m measured from the interface point of the ship loader to the base of the skirted outlet, the system can achieve a retracted length of 6.03m through the use of a locally mounted winch installed on the pivoting head chute arrangement.

As the product loaded is extremely abrasive, chromium carbide liners are installed to the pivoting head chute deflector and running surfaces where material impact is most apparent. Ceramic tiles are utilised within the Cascade cones as opposed to chromium carbide. This decision is made as the material velocity is reduced within the head chute prior to entering the cone stack making ceramic tiles the most suitable option in both an economical and operational sense.

Also included within the scope of supply of Cleveland Cascades is a full suite of electrical components which are necessary for the automation and safety of the system.

The gallery below displays images of the system during the assembly and testing phase in our workshop along with a CAD model showing the overall general arrangement.

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