Cleveland Cascades System Installed in Batumi Port – Georgia

One of our Cascade loading systems has recently been installed in Batumi Port, Georgia. This system is one of our Cascade systems for a Ship Loading Application to handle Fertilisers, Urea and Sulphur.

The system is one of our 1350 sized systems with an extended chute length of 18m retractable to 7.7m. The system is supported from a Pivoting head chute fixed to a luffing boom ship loader.

The spout section of the chute is supplied with 1350 GRP cones with UHMW-PE lining for abrasion protection and prevention of spark potential in conjunction with the anti-static system fitted to the cone stack.

The system was supplied with a trimming spout with a 1.5m outreach from the chute centre line, this is used for topping off vessel hatches and can be seen in the Gallery of images below.

The system is capable of loading 1,550 cubic meters per hour. The system is now operational and is expected to be in use for loading vessels at up to 1.2 metric tonnes per hour.