Cleveland Cascades to Supply 4 Cascade Systems to Russia

Cleveland Cascades Ltd are to supply 4 of our 1700 sized chutes into Vistino, Russia for loading of fertilisers.

Each chute will be fitted via a fixed head chute design to a tower ship loader and will be 31 meters in length when extended and retract as short as 6.6m. The fixed head chute design can be seen in the gallery below.

The chutes will be lined with stainless steel in the head chute section and UHMWPE within the cones and trimmer for abrasion protection. The liner can be seen fitted to the trimming spout in the gallery below.

Each chute will also be fitted with both a skirt and interchangeable trimming spout for accurate loading during topping off within a vessel hatch.  The Trimming Spout can be seen in the images below.

The telescopic chute will utilise a drum winch as seen in the images below and will be fitted with a complete suite of electrical components for safe and effective operation.

A further news story will be published on the completed systems once they have been commissioned.