Cleveland Cascades to Supply additional spare spout Neptune Bulk Terminals, Vancouver.

Cleveland Cascades Ltd. have secured an order for a complete spare spout supply destined for Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The original system was supplied circa. 2002 and still remains in operation to this day. This is a testament that our product is designed and manufactured to a high standard and paired with regular inspections and maintenance works will to withstand the test of time, providing excellent results and a great return on investment.

The spare spout supply will enable port operations to continue uninterrupted whilst affording flexibility to the maintenance team to undertake thorough inspections of the equipment, and if necessary, to replace any of the critical system components that display signs of excessive wear.

When it comes to tackling dust emissions and material degradation, there isn’t another system that can offer the same results for dust elimination whilst also reducing material degradation and segregation. This technology has established the company as a leading global force in ship and silo loading chutes.

For more information on our range of loading systems or if you have an enquiry you’d like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to our Commercial team on the following email –