Cleveland Cascades To Supply Free Fall System to Chiyoda Port, Indonesia.

The system to be located in Chiyoda Port Indonesia is one of our T series Telescopic Tube systems. The Cleveland Cascades T Series Free Fall Chute comprises of a series of telescoping concentric tubes. It is supported at the head chute interface point and can extend to length of 17.8meters and retract to 6.66 meters. Like all of our T-Systems this is a bespoke design to fit the requirements of the customer.

The design of the T-series systems means that the chute remains rigid and is suited to applications which require trimming spouts such as this one. At the base of the T system there is an option to fit a standard skirted outlet or a rotating Trimmer device for accurate loading and finishing. This system will be supplied with a rotating unit for optimal loading into hatch corners.

Guide rails are fitted to the tubes to prevent them from twisting and distorting during extension & retraction and also whilst using a Trimmer Spout.

The T Series incorporates a scraper/brush cleaning system at the head of each tube, which is beneficial for particularly sticky materials, where periodic cleaning is an issue.

The Free Fall chutes are not designed to specifically control dust emissions or prevent degradation, but they do eliminate the effects of side winds and also prevent uncontrolled dispersion that can occur in ship loading and storage applications

This system will be suspended from a Luffing boom shiploader, designed to pivot and will be loading copper concentrate at up to 1300 tonnes per hour.

The head chute and trimmer running faces along with the tubes will be lined with Tivar 88 for abrasion resistance whilst all steelwork will be painted to a marine specification for corrosion protection.

Further information on our Free Fall Systems can be seen in our Free Fall Chutes section of our website and in the case studies as well as on our youtube channel, the following link is one of our Free Fall Tube systems loading copper and zinc concentrates;

Design Images of the system can be seen in the gallery below.