Cleveland Cascades to Supply Ship Loading System to Cuba.

Cleveland Cascades are to supply our cascade loading system to Cuba where it will load cement and clinker. The project is focused on supporting the elimination of dust generation during loading operations for which the materials are known to be problematic.

The system is to be supplied with a fixed head chute and an independent upper deflector which has the capability to pivot -5°. This feature allows for greater optimisation of material control before the product enters the head chute.

Our 950 sized Cleveland Cascades cones are to be utilised on the project, these have the capability of loading up to 750 cubic meters per hour.

The extended length of the system will be 22.0 meters measuring from the interface flange to the base of the skirted outlet with an operational retracted length of 6.0m. Included in the gallery below you will find the General Arrangement of the system.

Due to the abrasive nature of the materials being loaded, the head chute will feature chromium carbide liners as this is the initial point of impact following the deflector meaning improved abrasion resistance is required. The cones will have ceramic tiling installed as opposed to chromium carbide liners, this reduces the static load of the system whilst still providing sufficient wear resistance.

A full suite of electrical components is to be included to allow for system automation and safety.

At the customer’s request this system will have the option to easily retrofit a hatch charger* if deemed necessary for future loading operations. This requires careful design consideration when producing the specification for the hoist unit to ensure there are no complications with regards to the additional weight which would be introduced to the system.

*for further details on our Hatch Charger option please see our website using the chute options tab: