Cleveland Cascades to Supply System to be utilised for Loading Iron Ore

Cleveland Cascades are in the final stages preparing for the departure of another Iron Ore loading system to be used in conjunction with our customers mobile ship loader.

With an extended length of 20.5m measured from the head chute interface to the base of the skirted outlet, the use of a locally mounted spool type hoist is employed in order to retract the system to a non-operational height of 6.1m. This is to allow for sufficient clearance when exiting ship holds once loading operations have ceased.

The system utilises Cleveland Cascades 900 sized cones and is capable of loading Iron Ore at a nominal rate of 750 tonnes per hour and a maximum rate of up to 900 tonnes per hour.

Due to the abrasive nature of the material and the specified particle size for this project, ceramic tile lining was selected for both the pivoting head chute area and the cones. This liner choice provides a cost effective solution with more than sufficient wear resistance without impeding the flow of the product. Furthermore, ceramic tiles can be expected to ensure longevity with an increased life span when compared with other available liner options such as polymers.

Included in Cleveland Cascades scope of supply is a full electrical suite of components necessary for the safety and automation of the system.

Shown in the gallery below are images of the system during assembly and testing in our workshop.