Cleveland Cascades undertakes Commissioning of CC880 in Turkey

During December, CCL Commissioning engineers attended site in Turkey to perform commissioning on one of our latest Cascade chutes, CC880.

Working with Bedeschi SPA, CC880 is fitted to a traveling, slewing and luffing Ship Loader. The Cascade chute is 22.75 meters long, and designed to load Cement and Clinker at rates from 700 to 1,100 metric tonnes per hour.

In order to load Clinker effectively, and resist abrasion wear inside the chute – each surface handling the material is lined with a sintered Alumina Ceramic of 6mm thickness. Effective loading through the Cascade chute is complimented by our Skirt Outlet.

When loading Cement, the Skirt outlet is switched for a solid rubber tube outlet. This tube has a maker line on it halfway down its length to serve as a visual aid for operators. In order to prevent any excessive dust emissions when loading Cement, the tube skirt should remain partially buried within the material at all times during loading, thus the lower part of the tube below the marker line should be buried within the material pile.

The Cascade chute is fitted with a full suite of electrical components for safe operation and control. These components control lowering and raising of the chute as well as signalling for potential blockages. All the functions feedback to the ship loader control system and are interlinked with the conveyor system feeding the chute.

The result for the Terminal using the Ship loader and chute is a very safe and reliable loading system which is extremely simple to use.

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