Cleveland Cascades Year in Review 2023

2023 was another successful year for Cleveland cascades. Over 250 Supply orders were carried out for Spares, Services and new Systems.

We supported our customers with spare parts, new systems and loading solutions with applications for Aggregates, Fertilizers, Grains, Potash, Iron ore, Biomass, Copper concentrate and Cement amongst others.

Cleveland Cascades Engineers attended site in Spain, UK, Mexico and Finland. We also supported customers with commercial visits to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UK, & Spain.

Looking ahead into 2024:

Cleveland Cascades have many live enquiries for systems with live projects in Canada, India, USA, Netherlands, Spain and Australia. Many of which are expected to be supplied throughout 2024.

Keep up to date on news stories posted over the course of the year which may feature updates and commissioning of some of these projects.

The photo gallery below shows some pictures of some of the chute projects and spares in application on site over the course of 2023.

For further information on Cleveland Cascades product range, please contact: Cleveland Cascades Ltd


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