Cleveland Completes Order for Three Grain Chutes

An order for three Free Fall “C” grain loading chutes was completed this week and is now ready for delivery and operation in Ukraine.

The chutes, which will be used to load grain at 2,000 tonnes per hour at the Port of Illichevsk, represent a new development for Cleveland Cascades in that it utilises GRP cones where originally these were manufactured from various grades of steel. When products are not particularly abrasive, GRP cones can be used with sacrificial liners in order to make significant savings on both weight and system costs.

At 30 metres in extended length, the chutes are some of the longest that have been supplied by Cleveland Cascades. As they are loading grain, extraction is required to remove the displaced air from the material loading from such a height. Cleveland Cascades have incorporated four extraction units into the Carrier outlet design in order for the most effective extraction to take place when loading from any height. Because the extraction units travel with the chute, no compromise is made on the rate of extraction because the units are always at the source of the dust creation. The bespoke double-skirted arrangement also allows for an effective flow path of the material, but also for the extraction of the displaced air.

Careful consideration to the potentially explosive atmosphere around the loading area has been taken with the chutes, and the electrical components that are seen to be in the path of loading are all certified to ATEX standards.

The systems will be sent to the customer’s premises shortly following packing and loading, and then the fully assembled loaders will be sent to Illichevsk for installation and operation hopefully by the end of 2014.