New Chute installations ongoing around the Globe

Over the course of this last month, Cleveland Cascades has enjoyed seeing several new projects closing in on their commissioning phases. CCL has provided engineering assistance and supervision on site, as well remotely from our UK facility in order to provide support to 3 different projects throughout July.

The systems being installed are a 21m long Cascade chute for Ship Loading with our Resitain closure valve and skirt outlet at the base for maximum cleanliness during loading. This installation is taking place in Turkey, and the chute will be used to load vessels with Soda Ash, at rates up to 1,500 metric tonnes per hour.

Next is a pair 27m long Cascade chutes, which will be interchanged on the same Ship Loader for handling different Potash grades in Canada at rates up to 5,000 metric tonnes per hour. This large system represents the second largest Cascade chute available in our range, with the largest able to handle bulk materials at rates of up to 7,000 cubic meters per hour.

Finally we have a 15m long Cascade chute with a 360° rotating trimmer spout at its outlet. This chute will be used in Colombia on a Ship Loading application for loading Coal and Pet Coke at rates of up to 1,200 metric tonnes per hour.

Over the coming weeks we are looking forward to seeing the finished results after commissioning has occurred on these 3 latest installations on site.