Cascade Chute Commissioned in Derince Port, Turkey with BVS Cranes.

Cleveland Cascades has recently worked in collaboration with BVS Cranes, Based in Ankara to provide a new Ship Loader and Cascade loading chute for the port of Derince in Turkey.

The BVS Ship Loader is rail mounted and has a luffing and slewing boom to complement its travel function and provide flexible manoeuvrability in order to load vessels effectively.

The Cascade chute is 22 meters long from the head chute interface down to the base of the skirt outlet and the chute benefits from using our Resitain Valve – This is a trap door style valve at the base of the chute which closes and seals completely in order to prevent residual material escaping from the chute as the system moves between different vessel holds. This added level of cleanliness makes the whole operation of ship loading very clean, and almost completely eradicates any product wastage.

The Ship Loader together with our Cascade chute will load Soda Ash at rates from 750 up to 1500 metric tonnes per hour once the commissioning is completed in full. During the first testing the loading capacity was limited to only 250 to 300 tonnes per hour, but it is already evident that the results in terms of material control, and dust emissions generated will be excellent. This system gives a great demonstration of how flexible and accommodating the Cascade chute is at handling a wide range of loading rates without compromise on performance.


The feedback from both BVS and the Port of Derince has been excellent and CCL is proud of its continued presence and growing references within Turkey.

Further information on BVS Cranes and their ship loader design and manufacture can be found on their website,

For further information on Cascade loading chutes please contact Cleveland Cascades.