Cleveland Cascades Commission Alumina Loading Chute in San Ciprian, Spain

Cleveland Cascades Engineers have recently completed the installation and commissioning of one our chutes in the port of San Ciprian, Spain.

Working together with our customer Alcoa Alumina Espanola the Alumina loading Cascade Chute has been commissioned to handle Alumina at a rate of 1200 tonnes per hour.

The cascade chute is one of our 1300 sized systems suspended from a pivoting head chute fitted to an existing ship loader extending to 18 meters.

In order to accommodate the abrasive nature of alumina the running faces of the chute’s deflectors and cones are line with 6mm ceramic tiles for abrasion resistance.

The system is fitted with a comprehensive suite of electrical components necessary for safe operation and control, providing signalling for any potential blockages. All of the functions provide feedback to the control system for the ship loader with safety limits being interlocked with the conveyor system feeding the chute.


The chute can be seen in the video below loading Alumina at a rate of 1000 tones per hour during commissioning:

Video 1 – Alumina – 1000 tph

The gallery below shows some images of the chute loading Alumina during commissioning.