Cleveland Cascades Commission Spare Spout in Portland, Oregon.

Cleveland Cascades Engineer’s recently visited our customer in Portland Oregon, USA to support with the installation and commissioning of a 2nd spout the customer has purchased to provide replacement cover for the main spout.

the Secondary spout is essentially a copy of the original with some small design adjustments and will be installed to cover the main spout whilst any maintenance is carried out and eliminate the need for down time in loading.

The system is one of our 1500 sized systems designed to load Soda Ash at rates of up to 2000+ tonnes per hour. The cones are made from GRP and are lined with 3mm Stainless Steel for abrasion resistance.

The spare spout has been supplied along with a stand for storage whilst not in use or for maintenance on the dock side. The systems can be easily interchanged in a short time as the recently upgraded electrical terminations are now a plug and socket style for easy integration between the systems.

This approach to the management of the Cascade Chute will mean that our customer will now have the benefit of the spare system allowing them a reduced pressure maintenance schedule on both the existing and the new spout.

Images of the recently installed spout can be seen in the gallery below during the commissioning process.


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