Cleveland Cascades perform new spout setup following spares supply at Portland, USA

Commissioning engineers from Cleveland Cascades Ltd. were deployed to Portland, USA to assist with the initial stages of setting up a new spout section supplied to our client, Kinder Morgan.

The new spout was purchased in order to allow loading operations to continue uninterrupted whilst maintenance is performed on the existing equipment. This approach will provide flexibility to the maintenance team and assurance that any vessel arriving can be loaded without issue.

Some modifications were made at the request of the client which required investigation from our design department. The new cones that were supplied had an alternative strop attachment point to the original cones, this attachment provides extra strength to the cone and alleviates stress induced on the attachments as material passes through the system in a controlled manner.

During their time on site, the engineers oversaw the works advising on best methods for installation and how to efficiently utilise the stands that were provided for storage and maintenance purposes.

Due to the clients shipping schedule the new spout was unable to be completely installed to the ship loader for testing. A return trip is planned for early September with a view to perform hot commissioning and fully sign off the chute.

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